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Get 100 Free “Classic” E-Cookbooks

I’m always looking for new recipes, so when I found out about ebook guru Morris Rosenthal’s list of “Free Classic Cookbooks for Kindle” I couldn’t resist. Classic, it turns out, means books that are in the public domain–no longer protected by copyright.

You’ll find books from the 19th and early 20th century with some as old as the 16th Century. Some stand the test of time. “Cassell’s Vegetarian Cookbook” (1875) includes recipes for carrot and lentil soups that seem straight out of today. And the “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes Cookbook” (1909) includes Chocolate Glace Cake and Chocolate Souffle that would delight any modern chocoholic.

But the real joy of these cookbooks is the window they open on the evolution of cooking, society, and the role of women. If you love reading cookbooks, you’ll find a treasure trove here.

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Patient Websites Provide Bridge to Family and Friends

For patients facing long-term or life threatening illnesses, keeping friends and family updated on your condition can be time consuming and emotionally draining. Many people set up patient websites to facilitate communications among patient, caregivers and friends. CaringBridge and CarePages provide templates that make patient websites easy-to-set-up and update. And they are free.

Friends can get updates on the patient’s condition by visiting the webpage or signing up to receive updates via email or text. Guests can also leave messages for the patient or family in an online guestbook.

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Health Information on the Web: Whom Do You Trust?

There’s a ton of health information on the web. The sheer volume can be overwhelming. Government agencies, health advocacy groups, drug companies, doctors and patients all have websites. It’s a lot of work to sort through and evaluate the glut of information that can be inaccurate, out of date, biased or contradictory. So how do you find information you can trust? Here are some tips to get started.

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