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Zoosk: Fast-Growing App Marries Online Dating to Facebook

Zoosk is a fast-growing online dating site. It marries online dating to social media friending. You can invite your Facebook friends to write testimonials. Is this a good choice for over50s?

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Social Media: It’s Bigger Than Both of Us

Are you old enough to remember Milton Berle’s TV comedy show in the early 50s? If you’re too young or don’t remember, the show featured a running gag. Max, Berle’s lovestruck secretary, tries to cajole Berle into marrying her. Don’t fight it, she urges him. “It’s bigger than both of us.”

That’s pretty much how I felt when I watched Erik Qualman‘s video featuring some mindboggling statistics on social media. Love or hate social media, there’s no fighting it. It’s bigger than all of us. Qualman, the author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business, updates his book with periodic videos. The latest update Social Media Revolution 3 features these factoids:

–Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web.

–1 in 5 couples meet online; 1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook.

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Fear of Facebook? Use NING to Create Your Own Social Network

Do privacy concerns keep you from using Facebook? NING is a simple and safe social networking alternative. Using their design templates, you can create your own social network in minutes.

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The Social Network: Why Over50s Should See the Facebook Movie

The Social Network, the movie that tells the story of the founding of Facebook, won’t change your mind about Facebook. But its compelling characters and universal themes will appeal to Over50s who love great storytelling.

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Using Facebook Safely: What Advice Should You Give Your Kids?

Your kids may think there’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of boobs and booze on their Facebook page. But decision-makers—college admissions staff and potential employers—may disagree. Long after the party, inappropriate photos and content could turn up in a Google search. What advice can you give your kids about safe social networking?

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Five Reasons You Can’t Afford to Dismiss Facebook and Other Social Networks

There are valid reasons for not using social networks. But don’t dismiss them out-of-hand. Here are five reasons you can’t afford to dismiss social networking.

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Should You Join Facebook Now?

In response to an uproar from Facebook users about the complexity of privacy controls and concerns about how personal information was being used, Facebook revised its privacy controls. But did it solve the problems? The response is mixed. Bottom line: wait and see.

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Six Tips for Taking the Social Networking Plunge

Ready to take the social networking plunge? These six tips will help you dive gracefully.

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Social Networking: The Basics

There are thousands of online social networks–from the “big box” Facebook and MySpace–to niche networks for business, travel, love–just about any topic or cause. All social networks are rooted in common tools. Once you’re up to speed, you are ready for wherever cyberspace takes you.

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