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Why Do Ebooks Cost So Much?

Do ebooks cost too much? The U. S. Department of Justice thinks so. It filed suit against Apple and five publishers charging them with price fixing: colluding to jack up the price of ebooks. Will the suit result in lower ebook prices?

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Get 100 Free “Classic” E-Cookbooks

I’m always looking for new recipes, so when I found out about ebook guru Morris Rosenthal’s list of “Free Classic Cookbooks for Kindle” I couldn’t resist. Classic, it turns out, means books that are in the public domain–no longer protected by copyright.

You’ll find books from the 19th and early 20th century with some as old as the 16th Century. Some stand the test of time. “Cassell’s Vegetarian Cookbook” (1875) includes recipes for carrot and lentil soups that seem straight out of today. And the “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes Cookbook” (1909) includes Chocolate Glace Cake and Chocolate Souffle that would delight any modern chocoholic.

But the real joy of these cookbooks is the window they open on the evolution of cooking, society, and the role of women. If you love reading cookbooks, you’ll find a treasure trove here.

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Kindle Books Now at Your Library: Check it out!

Buried in the hoopla about Amazon’s new bargain-priced Kindles and its Kindle Fire tablet, is some very good news: You can now borrow ebooks in the Kindle format from public libraries. The good news: checking out a Kindle ebook from my library is as easy as purchasing an ebook from Amazon. The bad news: the ebook offerings are limited. Here’s what you need to know about borrowing Kindle ebooks.

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Do I Still Love My Kindle?

Nine months and 21 eBooks later, do I still love my Kindle? Yes and no. On the “yes” side is the ease of traveling with it and the gratification of getting a new book instantly. On the “no” side: my Kindle died on my recent vacation.

But Amazon’s excellent customer service and promises of a coming-soon library lending program, earn my loyalty, if not love.

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eBooks That Celebrate Fathers

Father’s Day reminds me of the gifts and lesson my father gave me. This year I’m thinking about books about fathers–famous or infamous, unassuming or larger-than-life, present or absent, real or fictional. The literature about fathers is vast. But here’s my take–a handful of books exploring the profound influence of fathers. (These books are available as Amazon Kindle eBooks and in paperback.)

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Celebrate Read an eBook Week with Free eBooks

March 6th is the beginning of “Read an eBook Week.; Celebrate by downloading and reading a free eBook. Here’s where to find them.

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What I Love About My Kindle–And Some Things I Don’t

I love books–the feel, the heft, the act of turning pages. The idea of curling up with a good eBook seemed unappealing. But my book-loving friends who’d gone electronic were converts. And with Amazon now selling more eBooks than paperbacks, there’s no denying the inevitable. So, in December, I bought a Kindle. Do I love it? For the most part, yes.

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