7 Time-Saving Tips for Using Google Search

By Marilynne Rudick on May 12, 2011

You’ve probably used the web to find movie times, check the status of a flight, or convert currency. But chances are you’ve been doing it the long way, perhaps going to Fandango to check movies and to the airline’s website for flight information. If you’ve traveled overseas, you’ve probably used an online currency converter.

You can do all that and more, quickly and easily, by entering simple commands into the Google search box. Try these seven time-saving tips.

1. Get word definitions. There’s no need to go to an online dictionary to find a definition. Enter define: and the word (define: gusset) into Google search to instantly cull definitions from a variety of sources including Merriam-Webster, The Free Dictionary, Ask.com, and Wikipedia.

2. Check flight status. You don’t have to go to an airline’s website and click on the flight status page to see if your flight is on time. Enter the airlines and flight number (Southwest 1003) to get flight information.

3. Do the math. You don’t have to call up your computer’s calculator or Excel to do calculations, either simple or complex. Enter the calculation (107+608) or the formula (2^10+7*98+500%13) into the Google search box.

4. Convert currency. Instead of going to a currency conversion website to convert dollars into pounds, pesos into euros, or any other currency, enter the amount, the first currency, to, and the currency you want (200 pesos to euros).

5. Convert units of measure. You can convert miles to meters, pounds to kilos or convert any other unit of measure. Enter the amount, the unit you have, to, and the unit you need (50 miles to meters).

6. Find movie times. Enter movies and the zip code (movies 20015) to find out what’s playing in your neighborhood and when. Or enter the name of a movie and the zip code (Water for Elephants 20015) to find locations and times for specific movies.

7. Get weather and time anywhere. Enter weather and the location (weather Abbottabad) to get current weather and forecasts. To find time, enter time and the location (time Calcutta).

Your information search will be quick and easy with these shortcuts.

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