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Google Translate: Can Computers Replace Human Translators?

A friend’s daughter studying in Costa Rica wrote a daily blog post about her experience. She wrote the posts in Spanish. Since her parents weren’t fluent in Spanish, they used Google Translate to convert her posts to English. How good a job did it do?

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How to Easily Share Your Travel Photos with Friends

You can share your photos with friends via e-mail. But a better way is to upload and share photos on Facebook, or a photo sharing site such as Picasa.

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5 Top Sites for Last Minute Travel Deals

It’s true that the early bird often gets the best travel deals. But sometimes you need a quick get-away. Happily there are often rewards for last-minute travelers.Travel suppliers would rather get less money for a hotel room, than no money for an empty room. Check out these last-minute travel sites that offer hefty discounts.

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What I Love About My Kindle–And Some Things I Don’t

I love books–the feel, the heft, the act of turning pages. The idea of curling up with a good eBook seemed unappealing. But my book-loving friends who’d gone electronic were converts. And with Amazon now selling more eBooks than paperbacks, there’s no denying the inevitable. So, in December, I bought a Kindle. Do I love it? For the most part, yes.

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