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Patient Websites Provide Bridge to Family and Friends

For patients facing long-term or life threatening illnesses, keeping friends and family updated on your condition can be time consuming and emotionally draining. Many people set up patient websites to facilitate communications among patient, caregivers and friends. CaringBridge and CarePages provide templates that make patient websites easy-to-set-up and update. And they are free.

Friends can get updates on the patient’s condition by visiting the webpage or signing up to receive updates via email or text. Guests can also leave messages for the patient or family in an online guestbook.

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A Six Pack of Useful and Fun Websites for Women

Googling websites for women turns up 161 million hits. There are websites for moms, grandmothers, stepmothers, single mothers, working women, stay-at-home women, single women, senior women, boomer women, straight women, gay women, entrepreneurs and job seekers. There are websites devoted to fitness, finance, fashion, and feminism. You name it and there’s a website devoted to it.

So, what are the best websites for women? Here are six that stand out from the pack. They all feature interesting, useful, and well-written content. Their organization and design are user-friendly. They are content-driven, not sales driven.

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Google Translate: Can Computers Replace Human Translators?

A friend’s daughter studying in Costa Rica wrote a daily blog post about her experience. She wrote the posts in Spanish. Since her parents weren’t fluent in Spanish, they used Google Translate to convert her posts to English. How good a job did it do?

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How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

When I mention Twitter to over 50 friends,I frequently hear “I don’t get it. Why would I care what someone had for lunch?” Now five years old, Twitter has become one of the best tools for finding jobs.

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Celebrate Read an eBook Week with Free eBooks

March 6th is the beginning of “Read an eBook Week.; Celebrate by downloading and reading a free eBook. Here’s where to find them.

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Five Reasons You Can’t Afford to Dismiss Facebook and Other Social Networks

There are valid reasons for not using social networks. But don’t dismiss them out-of-hand. Here are five reasons you can’t afford to dismiss social networking.

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Blogging Basics for Newbies

Blogs are websites that encourage interactivity by allowing readers to post comments. They are easy–and free–to start. That’s why there are millions of blogs covering just about any topic or point of view.

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I Twitter, Therefore I Am

Twitter posts (called tweets) answer this question: What are you doing? Twitter limits answers to 140 characters. Twitter’s power is that it is instant and mobile. You can send and receive a tweet on just about any device—your computer or cellphone.

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Great Explanations: Technology in Plain English

Writing about web technology in plain English is hard work. But Common Craft manages to do it in three-minute videos that are not only clear, but fun. Topics include blogs, RSS, social networking and cloud computing.

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