Zoosk: Fast-Growing App Marries Online Dating to Facebook

By Marilynne Rudick on July 6, 2011

When I read that Zoosk was this week’s fastest growing Facebook app, I was baffled. I’d never heard of this up-and-comer. Zoosk, I found out, is an online dating site. Almost 21 million people use it monthly, and this week five million users signed up.

So why are singles flocking to yet another online dating site? Zoosk marries (excuse the pun) online dating with social media friending. In addition to the conventional features of online dating, Zoosk gets your friends involved. Oh, the horror!

First of all, you have to tell your friends you are looking for love online. And secondly, Zoosk lets you invite your Facebook friends to write testimonials. Jane looks great now that she’s lost 30 pounds (only 20 more to go)! Will your friends call you out for taking five years off your age? Does friendship trump truth?

Zoosk may be the perfect match for tell-all Gen Y and Z, but maybe not for baby boomers and seniors. We’ve got too much history. Will your friends feel compelled to share the tired story about your worst date, your first marriage, or an event you shudder to recall? The only saving grace is the hope that your over50 friends can’t remember.

What else is not to like?  Okay, I’ve been married for 36 years, but in the name of research I signed up. My profile page displayed a pie chart showing I had zero connections. The title of the chart: You’re NOT popular!

Zoosk might not be 0ver50’s first choice for online dating. But there are hundreds of other dating sites. Take a look at a previous post, Online Dating: Is It For You? to find out about other online dating apps, and see why you might want to give online dating a try. These days one in five couples meet online.

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  • We at 50+@Work commend you for providing a timely resource for those 50+ who want, and need, to be technically savvy, engaged and connected. Your site is a treasure trove of information, presented simply, organized thoughtfully. Thank you for helping those who don’t want to ask but do want to know.

    Posted by: Dr. Katherine LY Green on July 28, 2011 at 11:28 am

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